Dwell in Positivity

12 Jan

Marathon training starts next week, Tuesday to be exact… I have been running consistently over the last couple months and gradually building up my base mileage, speed, and endurance.

Everything was going great –

Getting faster.

Loving each run.

I stopped making excuses.

I ran alone and in groups.

I ran trails, roads, out and backs, loops, & over lunch.

… and then, all of a sudden, my hips starting hurting! Was it from the week of changing everything at one time??? Increasing my mileage in the same week I started kickball, raced, and did a million lunges + bouldering?!?! Probably. After being so careful, I had a week of what I thought would be invincibility – Haha. The pain dulled, slightly subsided, and so I ran again… For a week + kickball. Woke up with hip pain, again, and have now put myself on the bench until Thursday.

I want to be irrational, emotional, and determine every possible (all bad) outcomes from taking time off. However, I know deep down it is best, it is only a few days, I need it, and in the end I will come back stronger, healthier, and faster. If I am still achy Thursday, I will keep waiting until next week – Training day – and possibly schedule time with a PT.

For now I will be resting, waiting, stretching, waiting, Epsom salt baths, waiting, and avoid googling my symptoms. I will focus on my soon to be comeback and keeping my thoughts in check. Only good things, only good things.


Nailed it or Failed it – Year in Review

31 Dec

My year in review… What a year it was…
oiselle team

One bad running fall (two bad scars), two Runner’s World Runstreaks, 3 Half marathons, countless 5K’s, racing in a different country, becoming a Nuun Ambassador, joining the Oiselle Flock, 11 races, and lots of group running (Oiselle and Fleet Feet)!

Big highlight: PRing my 5k time, and placing in the top 20 during the See Jane Run 5k AND came in 4th in my division (major highlight!!)! Multiple runs through SFO, LA, and Canada.

Overall I am pretty happy with my year. Sure I did not end up running the marathon, but work and personal life took up so much time, that I could not dedicate 100% of my effort… It will be waiting for me next year, and I feel so excited to gun into training!!!

Lets see how I did this past year on my race goals shall we?

One race per month –> No distance minimum (1 miler-Marathon) – failed it. I missed August, September, and November. DANG it!! A couple months I did two or three races, but that does not count as a goal met.

Try trail running – Nailed it! Runs by myself + group runs
trails 2
25 Minute 5K – NAILED IT!!! Three times!

Run a 4:10-4:20 marathon – Totally failed it. I ended up switching out my marathons for half marathons. I was at the point of knowing I could finish, but I could not take the disappointment (for the third time) of not meeting my goal.

Speed Training/Track at least once a month –> Prefer twice – I am going to say nailed it!! I did some speed work, be it races, or pace runs.

Crosstrain more and incorporate more strength training into my weekly routines. – Ehhhh… Better luck next year.

Run one full month, every day – Nailed it, twice!

Personal Goals for 2014:

Visit the eastcoast – New York, Boston, Vermont! – Failed it

Learn to swim – Failed it

Try outdoor bouldering. – NAILED IT!

Purchase a bike – Ride said bike – Failed both

A mixed bag of fails and nails but I would not change any of it. This year I have outlined just a few goals, and I plan to see them through!

1. Run Eugene Marathon – Goal time: 3:59:59
2. Run 1,000 miles
3. Sub 25 Minute PR –> Sub 24 PR if I hit sub 25 before July
4. Stay focused on goal races, stay motivated, and keep moving forward
5. Stay social – Group runs help me to stay consistent, challenge my paces, and create a community!

oiselle teammates
I can’t wait to see what the new year has to offer!! Amazing friendships, runchats, & places to travel & run through!


Whidbey Half Marathon

9 May

Whidbey Half Marathon

Welps, race day came and went, leaving me with such mixed feelings about this half marathon.

We spent the weekend on Whidbey Island – My first time ever visiting it. AirBnB was so good to us, and we found the most incredible little cottage on the water. The day before the race was spent reading, relaxing, drinking coffee, and laying in the sun. Even if the race was not going to be ideal, I knew this place would leave me with good memories.

The morning of the race I was a ball of nerves. My stomach hurt, my playlist wouldn’t sync, the first outhouse I went into was – ummm, lets just say I will never unsee that nightmare. Needless to say, not the best way to start a race.

It was a gorgeous course, though the sun and hills made it ultra difficult for me. From the beginning I was struggling mentally, and by mile 7 my confidence was wavering… I kept feeling doubt, and therefore felt disappointed in myself.

I don’t know when, or at what point, but somewhere in there I realized I was okay with not PRing, I was okay with just finishing, because this was a different type of race for me.

I originally intended to run in 1:49:xx – Which would be a 7 minute PR – Lack of speed training, and realization of hills made me realize my goal was quite lofty… Considering race day conditions were sunny and I was struggling with GI issues (first time), I feel good about just pushing through and finishing the race.

At the end, I walked away with pride knowing I was out there because I chose to run this race, no one was making me do it, and no matter how long it would take me to complete, I would still be a finisher. 2:08:09 –> missing my PR by 12 minutes, but not my worst time either, so overall I am left happy and looking forward to next year.

Lots of water stations
Fun cheer crowds
Cute signs
The last mile downhill –> Last mile was my fastest  8:40
Free photos

Eating spicy food the night before = stomach pain day of
Up hill, up hill, up more hills
Full on Sun – Though pretty, sure did slow me down
Mile Marker sign was completely wrong for mile 7 which was quite discouraging
The race shirt design – eeesh



Races: Then, Now, Later

7 Apr

I thought I would post a brief race calendar update!!  I made a new years resolution to run at least one race per month this year… I am toying with the idea of organizing the beer mile in August for my birthday… Hmmm? 😉


January 18: Magnuson Series 5K – DONE and pretty rough, but it is what it is 27:36

February 8:  Love ‘em or Leave ‘em Seattle 5K – PR 25:39 & felt amazing!

March 22: Magnuson Series 5K – 1st in category (F 25-29!!) 26:00

Coming up…

April 13: Whidbey Island Half Marathon

May 18: West Seattle 5K

June 15: Vancouver, USA FULL MARATHON!

July: TBD

August: TBD… birthday beer mile?

September 21:  Beat the Blerch 10K

October 27: Pumpkin Push 5K

November: TBD

December: TBD


In the meantime, my main focus is the full marathon coming up…. dun, dun, dun!!


Any ideas are more than welcome!!

Yesterday’s photo finish!

9 Feb

Totally thought my form was better! Must remember to work on that! 😉


Today is quite good!

8 Feb

Today I ran my eighth day for my Feb. Runstreak!

Today I ran my second race for 2014!

Today I had a race PR! 25:39/8:17 per mile!


Today is a good day!

February is here already?!

5 Feb

Last month:

January was off to a casual start – Easing back into running, recovering from the holiday eating/drinking, savoring the evenings of indoor bouldering, and weekends of flag football.  Remembering my goals set in December, I managed to sign up for a race at the last minute to kickoff  my resolution of one race per month during 2014.  I chose the Magnuson series – MAN, that race has grown over the years!

Magnuson was the very first 5K I ever signed up for in January three years ago, and actually that race is what pushed me to continue running.  To be honest we were so tight on money at the time, it was the cheapest race I could sign up for.  Little did I know it would be that course that would kick-start my love of races.

Racing at Magnuson last month was once again fitting!  How perfect to start the year with the race that fueled my love!   It was a cold, windy day with my eyes watering so much over the first mile I wondered if people thought I was crying.  It wasn’t my “best” run by any means – 27:36 – I have had faster training runs during “recovery run” days, but it felt good to get back out there!


I have committed to runstreaking February!!  I wanted to runstreak one or two months this year, and I figure what better way to kick off marathon training and form good habits right away!


Yesterday was my first official day of marathon training – I met my friend at Greenlake and off we went.  My first two weeks of training are written out, but I am debating between a plan a coach wrote for me last year when I was in my peak of fitness or easing in with a modified Hal Higdons plan.  I can’t decide if being  so ambitious with my first plan is realistic.


Looking ahead: 

Cruise in 17 Days!!  We fly into Houston Friday, February 21st and then leave on our cruise the 22nd!!  I may venture out on the Houston city streets for my long run, and then will continue runstreaking/training on the boat treadmills.

Monthly Races:

January 18: Magnuson Series 5K – DONE

February 8:  Love ’em or Leave ’em Seattle 5K

March 16: St. Patty’s Day Dash

April 13: Whidbey Island Half Marathon

May TBD  —> Any recommendations?

June 9: Vancouver USA MARATHON!